Looking back: Beginning sewing with needle books and pincushions!

Before I go forwards with learning I’d like to go back a step or two to share the two very first things I sewed.

The only thing I knew how to do at this point was thread my machine and sew in a reasonably straight line. If you want to learn how to do these things too, I highly suggest you visit this YouTube series of Easy Sewing for Beginners videos. There are many short, helpful videos on the basics that I found invaluable, especially this trick to tying knots in your thread when hand-sewing. Maybe it’s common knowledge but it blew my mind!

The one that drew me was a video tutorial on making an easy wrist pincushion. It was simple, it was useful, it was undaunting. It became my very first creation.


Sew on velcro – so useful!

The other thing was a needle book. I’d looked around craft shops at their sewing supplies, seen fabric and felt needle books on sale and thought that doesn’t look too complicated, I could probably just make one for myself… So after some research and a deep internal struggle over just the right button to use, I did.

Excuse all my mess!


The wrist pincushion is super-useful, I’ve since seen variations such as a ring pin cushion, but I love my little bracelet version! It’s so comfy! Sometimes I’ll have stopped sewing and started cooking / drinking tea / (I don’t think i do anything else…) before noticing I’m still wearing it. The needle book is cute too. I do like that they match!

Notes for Next Time (or Newbies!)

  • Don’t forget the cardboard in the pincushion! I’m not too proud to admit that the pincushion featured was my second attempt, as I did do this! Alert: The pins will go through all the fabric and stab you and it will hurt. (Not speaking from experience or anything.)
  • Strap of the wrist pincushion could maybe be made even more comfortable with a layer of felt or foam in the middle.
  • Attach the button to the needle book cover before sewing the whole shebang together, otherwise you get a little notch on the inside where you’ve sewn it through (see picture below). It doesn’t look terrible, but I do think it would look neater if tucked away inside.


Both are looking a bit bedraggled now, they’ve been used a lot over the last couple of months! These two items are meaningful to me, my very first foray into something I can anticipate loving for a long time.

It seems fitting to start the story of my growth at the very beginning.

Happy sewing.


NB: I apologise if you’ve come here looking for skilled sewing tips! When I said “I’m starting at the beginning” I meant it!

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